Client : ALNOKHBA Elevator

Project Type : Corporate
About the client: ALNOKHBA Company is one of the most powerful companies at all kinds of lifts, the company has been worked in this field for more than twenty years, and therefore became the new target opening other markets globally and especially in the Middle East and the Arab States of the Gulf region
Project goals:
  • Our client wanted a CMS website for his business to Displays his product and his work.
  • Our goal in this project to make a website that reflects our client strength and singularity. we made proudly by WordPress from scratch, in the first we design a PSD image for our view to the website and we confirm the design with the client and after that we convert it to static website by bootstrap and JS by using jQuery, and the final stage we prepare WordPress with all plugin needed and we developed the theme and install it in the framework

We used  wordpress, php, mysql-programming, css3, html5, bootstrap, jquery in this project

Complete in: 30/04/2016

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