Manasrah Real Estate

Client : Manasrah Real Estate

Project Type : Corporate
About the client: Manasrah Real Estate Investment Company was established and opened its doors in Jordan to provide the best services and quality in housing projects, it is one of the large housing companies existing in the field of real estate investments and existing business in real estate housing projects so far because of credibility, and based on the confidence of our customers After that march, which is full of successes and wide experience and good reputation, and in order to meet all the desires allowed us to proceed quickly to the Turkish market in response to the desire of our customers to provide advice to foreign investors and wishing to own property in Turkey
Project goals:
  • to build a website from scratch with special design, strong code and optimize the speed to the best,
  • best  colorful, high-quality website with the high-speed preform
We used  PHP, MySQL-programming, WordPress, JS, CSS in this project


Complete in: 21/07/2019

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