How we build ?


 Project analysis

In the first stage in building the project we get all available information from the client then we analysis all the information and we get all goals, problems and Challenges,


 Choose the best solution

After we finished the first stage we go to the most important stage in which all work will build according to it, we put all available solutions to build the project and then we compare them and choose the best one that will offer the best workability for the client’s work type and the type of the user who will interact with the project.


 Three Operation

After we choose the method to build our project we start three operations in parallel,
The first operation: start to create the concept design by using Photoshop at the end of this operation we get a full design for the main pages for all devices (Computers- mobiles – tablets) – and we discuss the design with the client before we go to the next stage.
The second operation: we start to coding the foundation of our project and we make sure to follow the highest standard in technology and security at the end of this stage we have a base script for the project
The Third operation: we create the database structure and design according to the project analysis.


 Half the way

In this stage, we take the base design and start to convert the image to static design and make sure to be responsive with all type of devices, and we are starting to coding the needed plugin and modules which we allocate in the main design.



After we have all needed elements for the project we start to collect the element from all departments (The design department, the coding department, and database department) and joint by installing the design in the script and set up the database and starting testing the project.


 The END

We end the project and submit it to our client and we begin the 60 Days free Technical Support.